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Overview - Assault Marine assigned to the Death Watch.

History - Sar Temujin born into the Soaring Wind Tribe on Chogoris in the year 784 M41. He rose up within the tribe over the years and while in open conflict against the Tribe of the Grey Horse He personally won victory in a daring single man charge directly into their lines. The White Scar Space Marine Chapter recruited him on the spot and, after surviving the Implantation process; indoctrinated him into the Chapter as a scout within the following year. Over the next century Brother Temujin excelled in close quarters combat, moving from his Bike Squadron into the Assault Marine role. As an Assault Marine sergeant, Temujin has led his brothers across countless battlefields, never once giving in to the enemy.
 On his last battle, against the most hate foe, The Dark Eldar, Temujin's men were pinned behind enemy lines. The Xenos were gaining the upper hand. Temujin had spotted the Archon of this Kabal off in the distance, ignited his pack, and alone headed for what could of been a valiant sacrifice. Temujin slew the Archon and his body guard in a single lightening fast succession of attacks. This single moment caused the line of the Eldar to falter, thus giving the White Scars the initiative they needed to route the enemy and destroy them to the last hated Kabalite. News of this action prompted the Death Watch to invite Brother Temujin entry into the Ordo Xenos, which he has accepted.

Combat Doctrine


Important Events During Deathwatch Service
Authorized: Ordo Xenos
Authorized: Ordo Xenos

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