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PyWright, the Mouth of the Salamander
Ignea, the harsh, rural caves within one of the great mountains of Nocturne is home to the poverty stricken of the planet. While the rich and powerful thrive in the large cities of the surface, the inhabitants underneath toil to simply survive. It is here that Marcus PyWright; even from a young age PyWright and his older brother Da'Kir recognize their desire to lead and protect. Da'Kir was the first of the Igneans to be recruited by the Adeptus Astartes. PyWright knew his brother was destined for great things, and PyWright was never one to be left in his brothers shadow. A few years later during the year end ceremony PyWright swept the competition, earning the attention of the Adeptus Astartes. He excelled at the Neophyte training and soon climbed the ranks and eventually he was assigned to fight under the command of Chaplain Xavier. Xavier was renowned to be one of the best Salamanders to ever walk on the battlefield. Fighting countless battles and retaining an undefeated record, Xavier was the best leader of PyWrights time. It was a great honor to fight under such an inspirational leader. Xavier was said to embody all of what it means to be a Salamander and instilled fortitude and resilience in all that followed him. PyWright fought alongside Brother Xavier for many battles and with each victory, he saw more and more of what it meant to lead by example, for Xavier truly was an exemplary Salamander who would make even Vulcan feel a sense of pride.
The critical battle of PyWrights life was held on the jungle world of Drykccna. The Dark Eldar had sent a raiding party to ravage the settlements of the planet when PyWright and the Salamander Battle Brothers made landfall. Chaplain Xavier had attained the title of Reclusiarch, the highest title to be held by a Salamander and for his deeds on the battlefield. Xavier was armed with the Vulcan’s Sigil, the greatest of honors for a Salamander Chaplain. PyWright was filled with awe at the sight of the mighty hammer, plowing the Dark Eldar with the ease of attacking a practice dummy. PyWright took to defending brother Xavier as he pushed through the Eldars ranks. Xavier would swing his weapon with such ferocity that often times it would leave him exposed to the Eldar beside, as well as behind him. It was then that PyWright would stop attacking the Eldar in front of him and turn to defend Brother Xavier. Readying his Flamer, PyWright would bathe Xavier in the cleansing embrace of flame. Eradicating all that would do harm to his Commander. For hours PyWright, Xavier, Da'Kir and the rest of the battle brothers pushed on clearing each settlement and securing the lives of the men who inhabited them. Late in the day, as battle ravaged the planet Drykccna, PyWright noticed a group of settlers surrounded by Dark Eldar. Jumping into action, to preserve the lives of innocents, PyWright broke formation in a forward roll to close the gap between him and the settlers. Screaming at the settlers to get down, PyWright let forth a river of flame first to the left of the men, then around and to the right, scorching earth and Eldar until there was nothing left except charred ground. The men in the center felt not even the slightest burn, for PyWright masterfully aimed the spray of fire in a perfect arch around the men. Getting to their feet, the men made exclamations of thanks and praised the Emporer. Instructing them to retreat behind the Salamander forces, where it would be safe, PyWright looked to return to the front lines. PyWright began to search through the dense jungle to locate Xavier. He was about 40 meters away and Eldar were surrounding him more and more with each passing moment. Looking around, PyWright saw the other nearby Salamanders wrapped up in the heat of battle. PyWright began to move towards Xaviers position, if he could only get close enough he could lay down enough suppressive fire to give Xavier room to move. There had to be 50 Dark Eldar around Xavier now, but Xavier was too wrapped up with the Eldar squirming in his left fist to realize. PyWright was just out of his flamers max range when it happened. Xavier brought Vulcan’s Sigil down with a mighty swing to the head of the Eldar in his hand killing him instantly. In the same second, the surrounding Eldar thrust forth their mono blades and agonizer whips penetrating Xaviers back and sides at all angles, infecting the Chaplain with a vicious cocktail of toxins. As Xavier fell to his knees, PyWright leapt forth. With a mighty roar, he released the fury of the dragon that slept within his Flamer. He burned through every round of his 6 clip magazine. The blaze felled trees that had grown for hundreds of years. The other Salamanders claim to this day they saw the head of the mythical salamander that was their namesake spill forth from PyWrights barrel. The land all around Xavier was turned to ash. Every Eldar that had stepped to harm Xavier was now removed from the cosmos. The very environment had taken on the nature of their home planet Nocturne. The ground was ash and silt, the air was dry and filled with char and smoke. There was a heat in the area that imposed the feeling that no life was allowed within its blackened boarders. In the center of all this void laid Xavier. PyWright moved to assist the Reclusiarch, his mentor, his Brother. Removing his helmet, PyWright found Xavier still alive, but noticeably struggling. He would not last. Looking up at PyWright he exclaimed “Brother PyWright, now is not the time for idle action, a battle still rages within these trees, innocents are still being hunted down. It is our duty to protect these men from the Eldar. The task is yours, there is no one you may pass this responsibility to. The Brothers will follow your lead, be steadfast: Into the fires of battle, unto the Anvil of War! Now go Brother, I shall not perish before this battle is through. I shall merely be resting on this piece of Nocturne you have so graciously bestowed upon our enemies.” PyWright knew there was much to be done. Turning to face his Brothers he saw them lining the jungle, Meltas, Flamers, and Hammers at the ready. Hoisting his flamer high over his head for all to see, PyWright echoed the Warcry of the Salamanders “Into the fires of battle, unto the Anvil of War!” Fueled by the screams of his Brethren, PyWright stormed forward into the jungle. The next few hours were a blur, the Eldar utterly fell before the Salamanders until every last one was dead and burning. The Salamanders returned to the side of Xavier. His condition had worsened. Mono blades were scattered around his body, where Xavier had pulled them from his own body and thrown onto the charred earth. PyWright went to his side. Where Xavier congratulated his Brothers on their ferocious victory. Xavier then told his brethren that his time was soon approaching. Under Xaviers orders, PyWright retrieved Vulcan’s Sigil and personally bore it in his hands until he could return it to the chapter master Tu'Shan. Silence fell over the Brothers until they returned to Nocturne. Xaviers geneseed was retrieved and the ceremonial cremation took place. Atop the main volcano on Nocturne, Xavier was given his final rites and clad in his armor for the final time and was lowered into the fire.  Once the ceremony had finished, the question of who would lead the 3rd Company. Cries rang out nominating PyWright to the forefront. PyWright was nowhere to be found. PyWright had gone deep towards the Equator of Nocturne where rivers of molten rocks flowed like powerful Salamanders threatening to rip the ground asunder. PyWright meditated in solitude for two weeks. Unable to cope with the fact that he was directly responsible for the death of their Reclusiarch. That he had been off attempting to create his own glory, rather than protect his leader. It is customary for Salamanders to burn symbols into their flesh before and after fights. Xavier led his brothers in this practice before every bout. After Xaviers death, PyWright branded himself with the rune of Vulcan’s Sigil, he placed the mark on the back of his neck, so he would always keep his greatest moment of weakness in the back of his mind where he could never forget. When he returned to his Brothers, they had vowed their services under his name and had also given him the title of the Mouth of the Salamander. For all who felt his flame were turned to ash. PyWright knew after his retreat that he was destined to become a Chaplain. Leading his brethren into battle to preserve the lives of Mankind. It was for his deeds on Drykccna that PyWright was seconded into the deathwatch. He knew that if he became a deathwatch chaplain, he may have the ability to one day find and smite the Dark Eldar that had killed his mentor.
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