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Post by Brass Doge on Fri Jul 04, 2014 11:50 am

Jayden Dyrus, Flesh Tearer. Feared by most and under scrutiny by all. The chapters name bears a reputation of disdain and enmity across the galaxy, but this particular Flesh Tearer, while labeled with the signatures his chapter carries, also is laid with a grim heraldry by his own brothers. This particular librarian, through the cruel hand of fate and the blasphemous act of a traitorous son, spun what could have been a glorious career towards a dark and choked end.

This event took place upon the surface of Proxima 2, where a Flesh Tearer's detachment was complimenting an Astra Militarum company to assist in repelling an Ork invasion. Only with the greatest desperation were they contacted for assistance, which the gladly replied to. Those lucky brothers who were assigned to the war front reveled in the blood they would spill, barely keeping their hunger in check as they descended towards the planets rocky surface in howling Thunderhawks and blistering drop pods. The fight was great and grisly, but when the last Nob was laid low did the warriors of Terra stand tall. All but one. In the waning hours of the battle, a change stirred in Dyrus. His desire for the crimson tide was not being sated as he waged war. It was ever growing, even to the point where he dreaded using his sword to relieve the greenskins of their life. They were not enough, not worthy of his striking. However, through all the chaos that was ensuing, Dyrus saw, for a brief moment, a bright scarlet form surge up through the crowd of bodies. Then another. He saw, felt the strong blood that coursed through their bodies, and he craved it. Extending his gauntlet with a primal swiftness, Dyrus plunged his Force Sword throught the nearest pulsating red form. The entity contorted is surprise and agony as its life force was drained away through the breach in its form and puddled on the ground. Satisfied with his new quarry, Dyrus set upon the next crimson form, and then another until a half dozen bodies spread on the landscape. Abruptly, numerous of these red beings fell upon Dyrus, relieving him of his blood soaked blade and pinning him to the ground with their combined strength. Throughly enraged, Dyrus descended into the recesses of his mind, letting a truly terrible side take control as he shut himself within his skull in a seething protest.

A Blood Angel apothecary is renowned for their medical prowess and surgical skills, arguably seconded only by their successors. Apothecary Corvus of the Flesh Tearers stood alongside Overseer Jensenian, examining scan sheets and computer readouts. "It is confirmed that Jayden Dyrus suffered a heavy psychological attack on Proxima 2. My diagnostics cannot detect and residual cerebral corruption though, which is quite infrequent with a subject that enters such an advanced level of the Red Thirst. His ability to cleanse his mind after the fact could prove an invaluable resource towards our efforts to break our ties to the Black Rage," exclaimed Corvus. Narrowing his eyes, Jensenian said, "it is not the matter of how he washes his soul clean after such a humiliation, it is why he began to turn on his own brothers to sate his craving! It wasn't that there weren't enough damned Orks to gore, I was there myself." Looking now through the one way wall into the chamber Dyrus sat in, Jensenian asked, "final prognosis?" Reviewing the results one more time, Corvus reached a conclusion. "As there is no apparent onset of the Black Rage, I cannot condemn this man to the Death Company. Based on the extensive medical testing, he is seeming fit for continued service." FIT FOR SERVICE IN MY COMPANY? I THINK NOT," roared an individual from the entrance way of the observation room. "This heretic slew 6 of our finest, and you believe it to be constitutionally sound? Perhaps you should run a few of those psychological tests upon yourself, Apothecary." Jensenian turned to address the newcomer, "Captain Satanis, we can clearly understand your standing in the matter, but as our Apothecarium has found no corruption within him, your claims that Brother Dyrus is heretic are unfounded and unsupported." Scowling at Jensenian, Satanis spoke with an angry tone, "this blasphemous being will not be tolerated in my ranks. I suggest you find a new post for it Overseer, for it will not be returning to mine." "Perhaps you will not troubled with this burden for long, Space Marines," called a feminine voice from the doorway. The three turned to notice a human female enter the room. While dwarfed by the Space Marines that towered over her, it was apparent her authority lifted her to dizzying heights. She wore only a simple black cloak upon which bore the maroon insignia of the Inquisition. As a mouse among elephants, she strode between the two opposing fronts to examine the troubled man in the chamber below. After a minute of scrutiny, the Inquisitor turned to address the Space Marines. "As there is an impasse between the Apothecarium and his captain, I will propose an alternative: the Death Watch. He will be cared for by the Emperor and the Inquisition." Corvus spoke to Jensenian in an uncertain tone, "I do not believe this to be a wise choice. We have had but little time to properly calculate what the extended effects could be on Brother Dyrus. Its possible that he wo-" "What you do not properly calculate is that the Inquisition does not ask for this. I am here to retrieve the Flesh Tearer Librarian Jayden Dyrus. If you would like to file a foolhardy protest, you are welcome to do so with the Inquisition, "announced the Inquisitor as she began to stride out of the room. Captain Satanis grinned maliciously and thought to himself, "what a glorious and ironic sense of humor our Emperor has."
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