The inconsistent and contradicting mind of Volpin Makt

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The inconsistent and contradicting mind of Volpin Makt

Post by Volpin Makt on Sat Jul 05, 2014 5:54 pm

"For Fenris!", was a battle cry that seemed to echo through the deadly caverns and chasms of the monstrous and deadly atmosphere of my home world. Damn Fenris. Damn my home world. It is the great specters of pain that haunt my sadistic mind that I crave. That I love. With fervor I have grasped the slop and deluge of the crazed torture to my bosom as if it was my offspring created by my effort and fate's lifelong degrading slashes. I get pleasure from havoc and explosive euphoria when I am the cause of it. I am Volpin Makt. Son of agony and Father of fear. For Fenris!
Volpin Makt
Volpin Makt
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Authorized: Ordo Xenos

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