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This Mission Forum is for Everybody! Empty This Mission Forum is for Everybody!

Post by Scondoro on Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:17 am

Got a cool mission idea? Go right ahead and make a new topic about it! Give us the rundown and whatever intel you feel is needed to at least give us a little teaser for the mission scenario. This forum isn't just for the very very next mission we're running, or the current one. I'd love to see all sorts of cool mission ideas thrown up here. With time, and enough prospective scenarios, we could even start voting on the next mission, or petitioning with the Watch Captain if it's a "higher grade" mission that requires the team to apply for it. Get creative! Very Happy

Also, we've got a little Mission formatting going on here:
Whenever you post a new Topic, you'll see right next to where you put in the title a drop-down box with "None (use implicit)" in it. That's a color-selector for your Topic text. So, what we're gonna do is:

  • Green will be for Completed Missions,
  • Red will be for Failed Missions,
  • Yellow will be for the Current or Next Mission,
  • and Grey will be for Pending Missions.
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