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Post by DeriveThis on Tue Jul 29, 2014 1:45 am

“Good morning Isaak.” A females’ voice in Isaak’s quarters called out. “The current time is 0400 hours. Would you like me to prepare your medicine?” Isaak groggily responds with a disgruntled, “uhhmmyes.” As Isaak crawls from his sleep pod you hear machinery tick and move about as Reagan prepares his daily pills. Isaak and Reagan have been together for years. He bought her off a merchant on a distant planet for a good price of course. A great AI and a great companion. She keeps everything organized, mission briefings, requests, keeps his armour shined, and takes care of his daily medicinal needs. Medicine is the only thing that keeps the migraines away. Dangerous dreams haunted him ever since that day. It’s been twenty years since that mission. The mission that left him alone, the only marine left in a squad of ten.

A simple mission was given to Isaak; an extraction. Grab the informant and get out. Grabbing the informant was an easy task. Getting off the infested planet was not. The planet had a curious case of the daemons. Too many to be exact. The extraction point was surrounded by them. With only twenty minutes to extraction we had no other choice but to fight our way through. As we approached the extraction sight a knife stronger than diamond pierced the informant through the throat. Our mission was over, mission failed. Darkness overcame Isaak shrouding him with shadows of the deepest black known to man. As a ghastly shroud overcame him where time seemed to go slower. He could see every one of his men in his vision. One by one daemons began to slaughter them. Why was he protected from these evils? No one knows but something seemed to be in his favor. Isaak was forced to witness one of the most brutal slaughters he’s ever seen in his life. *vrmmmmmm* “Extraction complete.” Isaak was back on the battle station, the humming of the ship is the only sound he hears. But others hear much more. Footsteps approach the room. Likely friendly apothecaries to help the team patch up and see if everything is okay. Only one sound is heard from the cabin before the men open the door. “Aaarrrrggghhhh!” Only Isaaks screams can be heard now.

*Gulp* the migraine medication slides down Isaaks throat and he lets out a heavy sigh. He walks over to the nearest porthole and looks out into the vast openness of the galaxy. “Reagan, prepare my power suit, there are those to be avenged, those to be forgotten, and those to be saved. In the name of the emperor, those who cross my path with harmful intentions will fear the fury of the Raven Guard. Let it be said that no one will stand between me and my squad ever again!”

“Incoming mission briefing. Incoming mission briefing.” Reagan alerts throughout his quarters. Isaak turns to the monitor and without breaking contact with the screen, slides on his helmet, pulls up his cloak, and accepts the briefing. “Time to do what I do best, survive.”
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