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Post by Auchindoun on Tue Jul 29, 2014 1:57 am

Lief Morrow was born in the forests of Numina, many kilometers away from Prime, Numina's Fortress Monastery. He lived off the land with his parents, and was born of light skin and black hair, and innately nimble on his feet. By the time he was a young man of only 13, his mother, Geline, became very ill. His chapter’s apothecary was away on a mission aiding the Raven Guards, thus unable to support her. Geline was on the brink of death, and Lief's thoughts were fleeting. He left his home in search of medicinal herbs, but by the time he arrived back, his home was completely and utterly destroyed. He searched through the rummage, but the only thing he could muster was his father’s sniper rifle. His mind was raging. What could have possibly happened here? He ran to Prime as fast as he could, hurdling through trees and flinging himself through the vines.

When he finally arrived at the gateways of Prime, his close friend Ezekiel Bloodfen was there and immediately told him the news. “Where on Numina did you disappear to? Daemons came through Lief. A horizontal tornado of exploding stars blinked into existence above your home, and within the next instant, vanished as if nothing occurred. But the Daemons..” Lief began to look concerned, waiting for Ezekiel to continue. “They thrashed apart everything. It’s all gone, Lief. Your cottage, everything. I am sorry.”

Lief could not comprehend the words he just heard. His hands immediately began to tremble, and his body started to smolder. Ezekiel quickly jumped backward away from Lief, and lightning emerged from him as if a divine entity was releasing its raw power from his hands. Lief fell, gasping for breath; Ezekiel’s face looked drained, and he muttered, “Brother, what was that?” There’s no way.. This can’t be. “Ezekiel, did— did I?” Ezekiel just stared in disbelief.

Lief upraised to his knees and screamed in rage, looking to the sky. A heavy rain fell upon them; the land wept that day. He sprinted back to what was once his home, realizing that because of his inept mind, daemons in the warp, parallel to his universe, sensed his psychic rage from his mother being deathly ill and opened a warp rift to Numina. When he arrived back at the forsaken disaster he took his father's sniper rifle in his hands and set off to extinguish the bloodthirsty daemons in Numina.

After two days of living in the wild, he saw a glimpse of grey run through a valley hundreds of meters away and his senses instantaneously heightened. He set the charcoal stained sniper up on the edge of a cliff under the roots of a great ficus tree in such a way that even a renowned psyker would have a hard time locating him. Through his lens he saw 3 daemons, two with dark grey skin and solid red eyes with black horns coming out the top of their heads. They were later identified as Khornate Bloodletters. One turned and appeared to look directly into his scope. It was of red skin, leaning on its sword's hilt with the point in the ground. It had burnished armor on, and wore a helmet only appearing to have numerous vertical slits in it for sight. Lief immediately took the shot at the red daemon, and the bullet penetrated through its helmet, directly through its head. The daemon shrieked and sprawled out forward, never to harm another soul again.

The other two daemons bellowed a cry together and ran for him. Lief jumped across the cliff onto the other side, and in midair aimed his scope and shot a second daemon again between it's bloodthirsty eyes. Only one remained, and it was not more than a mere 20 meters away. As he landed he looked at his hands and again felt the heat build up within him, quicker and more powerful than even when he was with Ezekiel.

The daemon stopped just short of 5 meters from Lief and opened its mouth, growling, but yet it seemed as if a high pitched screech – almost a hissing – was coming out simultaneously. Lief looked directly in its eyes, and completely obliterated it with the lightning conjured from his hands. He was knocked back several meters, but the daemon who stole his family was no more. The horizon became pitch black across the area after the attack, but then all was returned to normal shortly thereafter.

On that day, Lief became a renowned sharpshooter and psyker, and was recruited as an Adeptus Astartes. Years later as a space marine, Lief was with his battle company in action, when suddenly Nurgle daemons started spilling into the battlefield out of nowhere. Lief's closest battle brother, a sergeant of another squad, became heavily assailed. Lief's own squad was devastated and broken, so he darted across the battlefield to join them. He turned around and watched as his brother sergeant Zech got pounced on by on of the Nurgle daemons. Zech's body began to decay at the very instant he was pinned by the daemon. In a furious outcry, Lief felt his mind rip open and a furious energy spilled out from his palms, enveloping the daemons and brother sergeant alike. He felt the warp manifest inside his mind, and he stood there stunned for a short period of time.

After the battle ended, Zech was obliterated. He took Zech's power armor by his side, and from that day he began to wear it in memory of him. Through Lief's smite however, the battle was won. He was taken back afterwards into the Librarius to be studied, and joined the ranks of the Deathwatch.
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