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Misappropriation of Goods Empty Misappropriation of Goods

Post by Brass Doge on Thu Aug 14, 2014 1:39 pm

Misappropriation of Goods View?resolution=1600x1200&file=MTI4MHgxNjAzLzIwMTIwNzE5L3J1aW5zIGNpdHlzY2FwZXMgYXJjaGl0ZWN0dXJlIHdhcmhhbW1lciA0MGsgdGl0YW4gYnVpbGRpbmdzIGRhd24gb2Ygd2FyIGJhdHRsZXMgMTI4MHgxNjAzIHdhbGxwYXBfd3d3LndhbGwzMjEuY29tXzQ3LmpwZw==&name=cnVpbnNfY2l0eXNjYXBlc19hcmNoaXRlY3R1cmVfd2FyaGFtbWVyXzQwa190aXRhbl9idWlsZGluZ3NfZGF3bl9vZl93YXJfYmF0dGxlc18xMjgweDE2MDNfd2FsbHBhcA==

There is a cancerous sickness growing in the Jericho Reach. It is not a sickness to be cured by medicine or ceremonial cleansing. It can only be cut out and removed through valorous acts and honorable deeds in war. Greed. Greed is one of the effects of what this plague brings. And it is what has befallen Vanity, a hive world that lies just outside the shelter of the Iron Collar of the warp gate.

The governing body of the planet goes by the title Regus Falcemite. The group was devised with a type of caste system in mind. At the pinnacle we find two beings of equal judicial and executive power deemed Magistrates. beneath them are 4 individuals with power equal amongst themselves and, combined, more power than one Magistrate. This was developed to prevent any one Magistrate from attempting a coupe against the other Magistrate. The idea itself was enacted nearly 6 decades before the Jericho Reach became separated from the rest of the Imperium. While the idea of the Regus Falcemite and most of the civilian infrastructure remained intact, we have reason to believe their motives are not as pure as they seem. The world itself is shared with a xeno's race known as the Eldar. The rich minerals within the planet seem to, quite literally, grow these fouls creatures the weapons and structures we face on the battlefield. When their habitation was discovered, the Imperium ordered their cleansing from the rocky continent they lived on. But still to this day they remain, an ever present danger and blemish on an Imperial world.

On record for the planetary defense force, we have collected the following data:
*7 Imperial Guard Companies (heraldry from the Steel Legion)
*4 wings of air superiority vehicles (a wing consisting of 12 Valkyrie's)
*3 Storm Trooper Companies (assigned with the Valkyrie's)
*6 armored battalions (a battalion consisting of 10 armored ground vehicles)
*2 Warhound Class Titans (designations: Tharos and Cruciatus)

With the exception of the Warhound Class Titans, each supplement has been replaced no less than 4 times since their acquisition. The Imperium has deemed this amount of supplies more than enough to wipe clean any xeno's infestation. So the question remains: why, after 74 years 4 months 19 days, are the Eldar still present on  Vanity.

Kill team, you mission will be delicate but tenacious. Inquisitive but decisive. If these goods are being funneled into Xeno's hands, it must end now. You are to inquire to the Regus Falcemite, and if necessary interrogate, the order as to why the matter has not been handled. Any individuals which you find to be unfit for their position of power should be removed immediately. Any surplus armaments you discover should be recorded and logged. Any xeno's you face slain and exterminated. The Imperium does not take kind to the selfish whims of man.

Primary Objective: Acquire detailed intelligence about the planetary defense resources
Primary Objective: Confirm the existence and well being of Titans Tharos and Cruciatus
Secondary Objective: Adjust, recondition, or remove the Order Regus Falcemite if they are corrupted
Secondary Objective: Retrieve ample intelligence as to what the Eldar's interest on Vanity is
Secondary Objective: Cripple or eliminate Eldar activity on Vanity

Allotted Requisition: 37
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