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Anox Akronus
The following information is hereby redacted by the Ordo Xenos.
Knowledge of the following account is hereby restricted to the *******.
To admit knowledge of the following will be considered heretical.
    Born in a prosperous city-state of Macragge, Anox was simply a genetic fluke; The first of his family line to be chosen to become an Ultramarine. His training tempered his creative mind into that of a disciplined Angel of Death. Throughout his centuries of service to the Ultramarines, Anox grew ever sharper and honed his skills above and beyond his fellow Battle-Brothers, to become a master tactician. Word came to his leaders that Anox would oft find tactical solutions to impossible situations. When given a squad, he would wield them like a scalpel, felling forces that could otherwise have taken an entire company. He was so well respected in his skill and honor, that he was brought into the 1st company of the Ultramarines... Mere months before the battle for his homeworld.

    Stationed at the great North Pole Fortress of Macragge, Anox served his chapter well, employing masterful defense tactics against the Tyranid swarms. During the siege, he personally slayed thousands as they crashed against the walls, only to be met with holy bolter and chainsword. And yet, despite their best efforts, the 1st company dwindled, and crumbled over the months of combat. Anox watched his brothers fall one by one, even as he flayed a dozen more Tyranids. When he was all but lost and alone, with the swarm closing in from all sides, something inside Anox Akronus shattered into the wind.

Official Evidence
    Recordings recovered from the Northern Fortress show a great host of Tyranid forces advancing toward the fortress walls, across the horizon. This force is estimated to be [REDACTED] times greater than any other Tyranid ground-based advance seen in the Battle for Macragge. The footage shows two Ultramarines on the precipice, firing downwards into the swarm. It is at this time that a Hive Tyrant type Tyranid scales the wall directly in front of the marines. The Tyrant impales one Marine multiple times before (Anox) leaps onto the back of the xenos and pulls his chainsword through its neck. Anox is seen pulling dismembered scythes out of his Battle-Brother, and propping him against the battlements. Moments later the recording pierces through the glare of the setting sun and Anox, now drenched in the fresh blood of his brother, steps back out to the edge of the wall to survey the horizon-wide army still advancing toward him.

    It is at this time that the recordings become momentarily distorted. From what can be salvaged, we witness what can only be described as a "micro warp-storm" suddenly surrounding Anox Akronus. For several minutes, all can be seen is static and occasional disturbing flashes of horns, blood, and a silhouette of a hooved figure grinning directly at the recording device. The footage returns just in time to see Anox leap off the battlements, chainsword in hand, presumably into the horde below.

    No record exists of Anox Akronus until three months later when the great siege was broken. A recovery vessel happened across a rouge suspended-animation emergency beacon, somewhere near Macragge's equator. There, the crew found Anox laying upon a massive 45 meter mound of Tyranid corpses, including several carnafexes, a tyrannofex, and a Hive Tyrant, all piled upon an eviscerated hierodule. He had sustained many grievous wounds, but as his resuscitation was now personally attended to by the Inquisition, he made a full recovery.

During his debriefing, Anox claims no knowledge of the events after contact with the Hive Tyrant, but admits to a powerful new lust for slaying Tyranids, while before there was only dread and disdain. The Ordo Xenos has conducted numerous tests for corruption, yet Anox appears completely pure and loyal to the Emperor. He was given the option of relinquishing his claim to the first company of the Ultramarines for secrecy, so that he may continue to serve the Emperor. Anox has been permanently reassigned to the Deathwatch and will be monitored closely, that we may learn more of this hidden ability for xenos decimation. The potential benefits of research may be the key to halting the unyielding Tyranid hives.  Still, this overwhelming evidence of chaos influence has to be noted. For the sake of the Imperium, the Ordo Magnus must never know who Anox really is. What[ he is.

The Last Of The 1st
Authorized: Ordo Xenos
Authorized: Ordo Xenos

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