Emerald Beacons

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Emerald Beacons

Post by Rayner on Wed Sep 03, 2014 1:33 am

In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power, Emerald Beacon’s light!!!

-Jal Hordan, Chapter Master, Emerald Beacons


 Why was the Chapter Founded?

They were created to counter a powerful daemonic threat in the Sector 3031231. The largest planet known as Oa was the main target of the deamonic attacks.

When was the Chapter Founded?

36th Millenium (19th Founding)

Gene Stock Purity?


Chapter Demeanor?

Uphold the Honour of the Emperor

Chapter Characteristic Modifiers?

+10 Willpower

Chapter Hero?

Chapter Master, Jal Hordan

What type of planet is the Chapters Homeworld?

Hive Planet

Homeworld Predominant Terrain?


Relationship with the homeworld?

Distant Rule. The Emerald Beacons fortress is located in the deepest desert on the opposite side of the planet from the Hive.

How Closely Does the Chapter Follow the Codex Astartes?

Unique Organization. Due to its chapter being split in several parts and left in ruin, the chapter relies heavily on the strength of its Librarians. Leaving only 2 full companies of tactical, assault, and devastator troops.

Combat Doctrine?

Drop Pods.

Solo Mode Ability?

This Chapter is highly skilled in certain areas of expertise. At Rank 1, your Chapter may re-roll failed Tests with this skill (Willpower). At Rank 4, your Chapter gains a +10 to all Willpower tests. At Rank 8, your Chapter gets an extra degree of success.

Special Equipment?

The Tech Marines of the Emerald Beacons experimented with digi-weaponry and created a truly unique device. The product is a Digi-Melta that takes the form of a ring with an Emerald at its center. Upon firing, the Digi-Melta emits a blast of green light that destroys its foes. The choosing process for Aspirants of the Chapter is heavily reliant on these rings. The Emerald Lanterns only recruit from the lowest levels of the main hive. They believe that the people of those levels possess the most pure form of willpower, the will to live another day. When chosen, the individual must make the trek through the most severe deserts to arrive at the Fortress of the Emerald Beacons armed with nothing more than a ring. If they make it, they are inducted as an Aspirant. If they fail, the ring is retrieved. Instead of a Combat Knife, every member of the Emerald Beacons is given one of these rings as their first weapon.


Esoteric Beliefs. To be continued.

Current Chapter Status?

Endangered, only two full companies are remaining.


The Sapphire Rings


The Yellow Fear

Battle Cry?

Emerald Beacon’s Light!

More to come later

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Authorized: Ordo Xenos

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Re: Emerald Beacons

Post by StosifJalin on Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:24 am

.....Alright, but I'm going to make a superman chapter now.
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