A brief history of events.

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A brief history of events. Empty A brief history of events.

Post by Vulgate on Sat Sep 06, 2014 9:05 pm

(-DATE EXPUNGED-) -The Primarch Alpharius is brought unto the Imperial Fold, an auspicious occasion surrounded in equal parts mystery and celebration. 

The Tesstra Compliance (
-DATE EXPUNGED-M31) - The Alpha Legion is sent by Warmaster Horus alongside the Ultramarines to bring about the compliance of the planet Tesstra. Alpha Legion forces employ a variety of infiltration and subterfuge tactics that earn the ire of Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman. The Alpha Legion ultimately secures a swift victory through use of it's tactics, though the Primarch Guilliman himself personally decries the tactics as ill-fitting of an Astartes and lacking honor. 

Drop Site Massacre of Istvaan V (566.006.M31) - The Alpha Legion takes part in the atrocities committed against the Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard Legions on the bloodied grounds of Istvaan V. This event fully cements the Legion alongside the traitor Horus and fully begins the Horus Heresy.

Battle of Eskrador (
-DATE EXPUNGED-M31) - Alpha Legion forces encounter the Primarch Guilliman and his Ultramarines once more, this time on opposing ends of the battlefield. The resultant battle begins with the death of the Primarch Alpharius at Guilliman's hand, but rages on for several further days. The Ultramarines eventually retreat off-world, satisfied with their 'victory'. 

Raid on Shrineworld -EXPUNGED- (666.M41) - A prominent Shrineworld of the Ultramarines chapter is sacrilegiously attacked without warning. The culprits, a large contingent of Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines, destroy many holy relics of the Ultramarines and leave unaccounted several honored pieces of wargear, including a set of Mk7 power armor, as well as the entire Shrineworld's stock of Ultramarine gene-seed. 

(820.M41) - A Space Marine calling himself 'Adam' appeals to Inquisitorial Forces to be placed within the Deathwatch. His chapter is not openly shown, and he requests permission to redeem himself as a Black Shield. His genetic sequences, as well as his physical and spiritual body, are tested for purity. Genetic tests show only that within him lies the genetic structure of Roboute Guilliman, but a chapter cannot be identified. With reluctance, the Space Marine is given a chance to prove himself on the field of battle; Serving honorably and oft quoting passages of the Codex Astartes, Adam receives praise from his Commanders and earns the respect of his battle-brothers. 

(900.M41) - A botched stealth operation leaves Adam the sole survivor from his team of 6 battle-brothers. After the battle, Adam petitions Watch Captain Ursa Titarus to serve as a kill-marine within the reach(serving alone as a one man kill-team). This activity serves Adam well, allowing him to exercise his 'expert knowledge' of infiltration and deception without earning the distrust of any, save Captain Titarus himself who is quoted as saying "I can hardly believe he is my own gene-cousin..". 

(Current date.M41) - Word of the exploits of Kill-Team Alpha reaches Adam's ear. Having served many years alone, he returned to Captain Titarus and requested a transfer to Kill-Team Alpha, insisting that his skill's had been honed and his capabilities reinforced to serve within a team of battle-brothers once more. 
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