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The Solemn Reverie  Empty The Solemn Reverie

Post by Vulgate on Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:24 am

The Solemn Reverie is a proud and venerable Conquest-Class Star Galleon, a gift passed on to Arcturus from his Great-Grandfather.
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The Solemn Reverie  Empty Re: The Solemn Reverie

Post by Scondoro on Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:26 pm

Here we are going to list all of the Ship Roles that exist aboard the Solemn Reverie. Our aim is to list each of the player characters into these roles, and then progressively take aboard more crew members to fill in other roles, eventually staffing our whole crew.
Descriptions ofShip Roles are found starting on page 224 of Into the Storm.
Here is a quick note from the book with regards to these roles and their rankings:
Into the Storm, pg. 224 wrote:Unlike most entries in this book, Roles are organised according to rank, not alphabetically. These ranks should be taken as guidelines for ships operating in the Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse, not as hard and fast military ranks (and players should not use them as an excuse to try and give orders to other players), but they can be used to delineate hierarchy.

Rank One:

  • Lord-Captain: Arcturus MengskThrave

Rank Two:

  • First Officer:
  • Enginseer Prime: Xorron
  • High Factotum:

Rank Three:

  • Master-at-Arms:
  • Master Helmsman:
  • Master of Ordnance:
  • Master of Etherics:
  • Chief Chirurgeon:
  • Master of Whispers:
  • Choir-master Telepathica:
  • Warp Guide: Malachi Dakkar

Rank Four:

  • Ship's Confessor:
  • Drivesmaster:
  • Omnissianic Congregator:
  • Chief Bosun:
  • Infernus Master:
  • Twistcatcher:
  • Mistress of The Vox: Lady Talia
  • Purser:
  • Carto-artifex:
  • Ship's Steward:
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