Urgent Request from the planet Cervantes

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Urgent Request from the planet Cervantes  Empty Urgent Request from the planet Cervantes

Post by Vulgate on Thu Jul 24, 2014 6:45 pm

An Emissary from the planet Cervantes, a feudal backwater planet from the Outer Reach, has come to the Watch Station bearing ancient documents; Sacred treaties between this world and the Deathwatch of which we have no recorded account. Regardless, the seals are held and the oaths are pre-sworn: "We swear our aid in full measure requested, and so it shall be returned in kind.". The treaty bears the name of A Lord Inquisitor, long since dead, who held total control of the Reach within it's earliest days. 
We know not the nature of these documents, but we are sworn to uphold them. The Emissary requests "A single team of your greatest warriors, fit to face foes beyond number, and horrors without equal.", despite the great treatise entitling him to forces equal to the full might of our Watch Station, the man stated "One team is all we request; A single cohesive unit that will perform the killing-blow against our enemy. To ask anymore would be an affront upon my Lord's honor.". We are currently running full checks through our countless data banks for any record of this planet or these mysterious documents, but so far we have found less than nothing; Our searches revealing that not only this planet, but the entire sector to be almost deliberately removed from our history and all known Imperial charts. Whatever the situation, honor demands we answer this call. The Emissary requests that the team be fitted with the best we have to offer them, and sent immediately to Cervantes to be fully debriefed by his master: Lord-Baron Alonso Quixote. 
In this matter we offer a choice, those that do not feel ready to undertake such a challenge need not apply; This strange request goes beyond our routine protocol, and failure to uphold these treaties will bring great dishonor upon the Watch Station. 

Your first mission is to make contact with this "Lord-Baron Alonso". Having done this, the rest of your mission will be placed in his hands. 
We have no way of knowing the threat undertaken, as the Emissary speaks that "Honor refuse I say more than the request I have come here to make."
This in mind, Each member that undertakes this vigil shall receive 100 points of requisiton as well as a means of establishing a central base of operations, complete with re-fitting and re-arming stations, as well as safe locations to store weapons and wargear once such a location can be ascertained upon the planet's surface; Plan for ANY threat you might face. 
This mission will be arduous, and your length of stay(As well as your ultimate survival) are uncertain. All those who would undertake this mission, do so prepared to meet the Emperor in death. Our chaplaincy shall prepare a purity seal for all that undertake this task, as this mission will ask the bravery and sacrifice of every member that undertakes it. 

More information soon to follow.
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