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Post by Brass Doge on Fri Aug 01, 2014 1:18 pm

Born upon the Forge World Machrite within the Risling sub-sector, Siro learned from an early age that life had a basic and rudimentary law: be strong enough to persist or be ground beneath the thundering gears of the Imperium. Born into an environment of violence and shadows, Siro learned to be strong in his own way. While just as strong as the next man, Siro managed to adapt to the unforgiving ranks of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

After many years of loyal service to the Omnissiah, Siro was caught up in an unfortunate accident involving a Commissar and his brain. Commissar Korchev was performing a routine analysis of the Astra Militarum regiment and the Mechanicus Adepts stationed upon the surface to determine their effectiveness if a xeno's invasion were to occur. His interview was less than satisfactory, as he left the impression that he revered the Omnissiah over the Emperor of the Man. His sentence was announced and his execution carried out, but it was not his end yet. His body was recovered by his peers and a new frontal cortex implant was installed into his brain. He could not stay on Machrite, for fear of being recognized. He set off on his own aboard a supplies transport into a galaxy he was ill prepared for.

When the crew of the transport vessel learned of their stowaway, they did not space him as was their right. Instead, they kept him in indentured servitude aboard the ship, forcing him to repair and maintain the craft for years. Yet through those years he befriended those who kept him shackled and when his time for freedom came, he gave no pity to those he pretended to laugh and drink with. Once again free to perform on his own, Siro vowed never to return to the cage.

Learning of the Rogue Trader's dynasty, Siro threw his crowns in with them, offering his technical expertise and general handiness towards their cause. Seeking his own fortune and technology on the side, Siro now travels the dark expanses of the galaxy, continuing his crusade for fascinating xeno's technology.
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