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Post by Hawatt on Sat May 07, 2016 12:30 pm

The Baron

   Vladimir Harkonnen ascended to the throne of his father The Baron Fade Rautha Harkonnen in the 64th year of the Harkonnen Rogue Trader Dynasty. Ascending to the throne at the age 38 he stands 6’ 1” broad shoulders with a medium build his most pronounced feature are his steel colored eyes a key and distinguishing feature of the harkonnen family along with the citizens of Gidi Prime his homeworld. His goal is to further the dynasties power through any means he deems necessary. He has me record these down so that his ancestors will know of him and his exploits and so that they may be retold generation to generation.

------- The Royal Scribe to House Harkonnen, Aliah
Authorized: Ordo Xenos
Authorized: Ordo Xenos

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